Engraving with the IM3 machine

The IM3 engraver is  a pantograph, i.e. a manual engraving tool that works without a computer, electronic device or software. It makes it possible to make decorations, inscriptions or prints on flat objects for signage and personalization purposes.

The IM3 engraver uses a system of arms equipped with a stylus and a tip that reproduce the pattern or text to be engraved. It also has a depth regulating nose that ensures homogeneous engraving on all materials, such as wood, glass, leather, stone, metal or plastic.

The IM3 engraver is simple to use and maintain. It offers a unique and original customer experience, allowing you to manually engrave gifts, plates or flat jewelry. It comes with a full set of characters and several accessories such as a self-centering vice, a centering bracket or a top-loading pin.